for Aug. 16, 2001

Unlikely spot

"To those complaining about Valdosta getting new restaurants: Valdosta will never have an Olive Garden or any of the others, simply because we are not a metro city, like Atlanta. It would be nice, but it'll never happen."

Missing news

"Once again, The Valdosta Daily Times did not report a celebrity death. Former President Reagan's daughter died last week and there was no write-up in the paper. You need to start printing things that everyone wants to read, not just a certain few."

Gas greed

"Boy, greed finally got the best of the gas stations on Exit 16. I'm going to Kmart."

Diners await

"I agree with the person who said we need a variety of restaurants. What does it take to get The Olive Garden or something to come to town?"

Sinking CNN

"The smokescreen is off of what the liberal, biased news media are doing in America, and CNN's latest announcement that it will try to reach a more conservative audience is laughable. CNN will watch its audience share continue to plummet, because Americans have had enough of anti-Americanism on TV and in newspapers."

Cal's the best

"Adolf Jr.? It takes a very simple-minded person to make fun of the way someone looks. That is probably why you can't understand his column. Cal Thomas' column is the best one in the paper but it is obviously too deep for you."

Apply now

"In response to the author of 'Crime scenes:' How do you think that most criminals get to your neighborhood? Drive maybe? Duh!! If you think you can do a better job, put in an application."

No guards

"It was raining today in Statenville when the children got out of elementary school. We didn't have a crossing guard, but I guess that's OK because children never get run over when it's raining."

The bald truth

"In response to all of these people ranting and raving about long hair: Well, it must be nice because I don't have any hair at all."

Traffic snarl

"I'd would like to make a complaint about the gas traffic that is up there in the Kmart parking lot. It's already dangerous and hard to get across that street and with all of the traffic because of the low gas prices, makes it more difficult to get in and out of the parking lot."

Missing books

"I cannot believe that our children cannot bring their books home from Lowndes Middle School so that we can help them with their homework, so they can understand it better when they're not at school. What happened to the lottery? I thought that they made so much money, they could afford books for our children."

Excellent column

"Katrina Parker's column in Wednesday's paper is excellent. It should be read by those in high school. Excellent work."

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