for July 24, 2002

Not acceptable

"To the person who wrote in about 'Bold Program:' I think Nickelodeon was wrong in airing that smut. It is showing that kind of lifestyle is acceptable and according to God's word, it is not. He does not look at it from the world's point of view. Marriage is between one husband and one wife."

Suit them up

"Why stop with just child car seats if you are going to be an America that is afraid to take risks, wants to enrich lawyers and hold others responsible instead of yourselves? Since the driver could be injured and not able to get a child out of a car seat in a fire, shouldn't you also put the driver, for every trip or errand to the store, in a suit of fireproof heavy steel armor with a complete body-wrap air bag and Kevlar helmet so that nothing bad can happen?"

Flag law?

"What ever happened to the 1942 law that forbids using the American flag for commercial advertising purchases?"

Hope's 100

"Bob Hope will soon be 100 years old. I hope America will give him a big send off. He gave so much of himself to this country, but we wish he could live forever. Thanks for the memories Bob."

Top doctors

"Dr. Mike Chang and Dr. Alex Culbreath III are topnotch surgeons as well as caring physicians. They not only return your phone calls but call to check on you to see how you are doing."

Basic needs

"Why is everyone so worried about gifted children getting a better education, and not as concerned with little Johnny who doesn't know how to read by the time he gets to middle school? Why doesn't anyone worry about the kids who have trouble learning the basics?"

Society's problems

"Overweight people aren't the problem with Medicaid, it is people too sorry to work and kids having kids. Stop that and you can keep some of your tax dollars."

Stranded hair

"If you are an older man losing your hair, give it up! Stop doing that ridiculous comb-over. You may be able to convince yourself but you are not fooling us. It really would look a lot better."

Respect earned

"Everyone says respect your mother, respect your elders. I say, give credit where credit is due. Just because you are my mother or older does not automatically mean you deserve respect. It is earned, not awarded with age."

School needed

"I agree with the person about Valdosta needing a magnet school. There are some very intelligent children in Valdosta who deserve the special attention and challenges that magnet schools provide. Valwood comes pretty close. The only problem is that some children, smart as they may be, cannot afford these schools."

Personal space

"Overweight people keep saying mind your own business about their weight. Well, you know what? It IS my business. When you start leaking over into my seat in the airplane and in the theater, thats my business. Your disregard for your body weight is now infringing on my rights."

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