for June 11, 2002

Helping truckers

"A word of thanks to the young man in the red truck who stopped to see if he could help when our car ran hot. He took my son to the Boys Club at Lake Laurie. I think he works there and I am very grateful. Thank you and to the man the burgundy truck who also came along and helped me push our car off the road and took us to the Boys Club where my son was practicing. Thanks for all of your help and for letting us use your cell phone."

Foolish habit

"In reference to the lottery, it is a fool's dream. By the way, I play it every week."

Brooks program

"Thank you to Mr. Glenn Bishop and Family Connection for sponsoring an after-school program for the children at North Brooks Elementary. The parents really appreciate all of the hard work that went into that program."

Underpaid teachers

"You need to get this straight. Teachers work for ten months of the year and that is all we get paid for. Most teachers extend their time working, without pay, in order to undergo extra training which we pay for. Considering the amount of schooling teachers undertake they are grossly underpaid for their expertise."

Great column

"I have been a taxpaying resident of Lowndes County more than 35 years and enjoy my life here. I am proud of our Daily Times newspaper. We are blessed to have distinguished writers concerning different subjects. One of the very best columnists is Charley Reese. His article in June 8 should be sent to Washington, D.C., to enlighten President Bush with the true facts of how the rest of the world views the United States."

Cutting the fat

"Thanks to the Lowndes County Commissioners for cutting the fat out of this year's budget. Way to go!"

Don't dump

"Whoever you are, please stop dumping garbage on Riverside Drive It is against the law and also carries a $300 fine. You don't want this in your house so don't put it on our property."

Overdue rave

"This is a huge rave that is long overdue to the Brooks County Paramedics who took my husband to SGMC with a heart attack on April 12. Trey and his partner saved my husband's life. A huge thank you and God bless."

Kept promises

"Thanks to Mary Nell Robertson and her staff at the Tax Commissioner's Office. I was there last week to renew my car tags, and just like she promised she'd do, there is now a drive through window service and they also take credit cards. Way to go Miss Mary Nell. We working people love you!"

Not above law

"Shame on the man at the Wal-Mart Pharmacy Thursday night who believed he was above federal law and threatened the pharmacist for following the rules and not giving him a controlled substance with out proper ID. Kudos to the pharmacist!"

Return bonus

"In regards to the city manager receiving a $10,000 bonus: He needs to return that to the city if he has already received it because he is only doing his job like so many other people up there who didn't get a $10,000 bonus or $10 bonus."

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