for Feb. 13, 2003

Sent from heaven

"I would like to rave about the the brave men who saved the baby from the burning Jeep. All of you were truly sent from heaven and you will be blessed for being so unselfish and courageous."

Special people

"I took my child to Memorial Hospital of Adel last Saturday and received the best care and the most pleasant people who gave their all to help in a time of need. Thanks to Jody, Johnnie, and Joey for such caring service. You are special people."

Tax car pollution

"As a response to 'Triple the taxes:' I would like to see taxes tripled on automobile licensing, insurance and gasoline. After all, as a person who doesn't drive, the air pollution from your vehicles hurts my health."

Don't blame us

"Enough about the flag already. We have the right to fly whichever flag we choose to. We true Southerners feel very deeply about our Southern heritage and pride. Do not blame us because our flag was used by hate groups. It is not about hate, it is about heritage."

Staying open

"Southeastern Federal Credit Union was gracious enough to keep the bank open for the people who were late getting there and needed money for the weekend. God bless the bank."

Smoke-free hut

"A big rave for the Pizza Hut on North Ashley Street for having a smoke-free environment. It is so nice to go in and enjoy pizza for lunch and not worry about breathing in toxins and chemicals from people's cigarettes."

Time to raise flags

"Thank you to all who lowered flags to half-staff after the Columbia tragedy. President Bush authorized this, but for only four days, as our nation goes on. Please raise your flags again in support of our nation."

Blacks' heritage

"The Confederate flag was fought for by black and white people, it is a part of our heritage and we need to stop fighting over a flag and start fighting for our country. Our black and white relatives fought for it so let's get it back and forget about it. We need to start looking at people at what is on the inside and not the color of our skin!"

Trivial pursuits

"It is mind boggling that in the state this country, this state, and even this county is in, people want to complain about little things. No wonder terrorism finds us so easily, and no wonder many people can't find work, feed or shelter themselves. We are too busy worrying about a stupid flag and what other people look like. We all should be ashamed of ourselves and look at the big picture. Any day now, we could be at war and there are people fighting for us and our way of life and is this how you want to use this gift by bickering about things that are so trivial."

Democratic support

"Clarence Thomas does a fine job on the Supreme Court but let's remember if it were not for the support and votes of two Democratic senators, Sen. Sam Nunn and Sen. Fowler at the time, he wouldn't be on the court. Also, there is no other vacancy on the Supreme Court so there are no Hispanics being considered at this time."

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