for Mon., March 3, 2003

Listen to Leigh

"Leigh Amiot's column in the Feb. 24 paper said perfectly. I could not have said it better. I think the entire United States should listen to people like her."

Plan for future

"I am glad to see Rick Darlington here at Valdosta High School. We have a coach finally. Mr. Darlington, I sure hope you win it all because the people who welcomed you with such glee last night are the same people who got rid of Coach O'Brien. If you don't win it all, I mean the state championship, I hope you have a back up plan or at least get your job back in Florida because they will stab you in the back before you know it."

You must win

"I hope Coach Darlington takes a long look at the way the Board of Education treated Coach O'Brien. A bunch of arrogant people who never played one down of football. Don't lose a game or the red carpet you see now will turn black."

Lacking sense

"It doesn't make since to spend money on a flag referendum while we cut state funding for Medicaid, education and social services."

Future players?

"The people in Valdosta rave about Valdosta High School wins and their national championships and state championships, but how many of these young men and women have they sent to pro and the NFL? Now this is something that needs to be examined."

Sharing the pain

"The Presbyterian Home in Quitman is hollering loud since the governor has set a 5 percent reduction in the money that the state pays in addition to what the federal government pays for their Medicare patients. They are saying that their staff will have to be cut and that the workload will increase. Solution: if each of the 300 plus employees will take a 5 percent cut in their pay then all the employees could stay, and then nobody will be hurt by losing a job."

Listening to us

"Thank you for your opinion about the race track in Cook County. Finally somebody is listening to what we have to say. We really appreciate what you have done for us in the past."

Preaching love

"The flag issue seems to be dividing the state again. The same people who are voting for this flag to be changed again are probably the same people who will bring slavery back if they could. Why can't we love one another?"

Extraordinary costs

"I am one of those people who wants to support the local airline. My wife and I are going to Sacramento. From Valdosta, it costs $1,355. From Jacksonville, it costs $459. Some changes will have to be made if this is going to be a transport situation for ordinary people."

What does it matter?

"People need to get their hearts right with God and leave the flag issue and other things alone because you can not take that into the next world."

Stance appreciated

"Thank you The Valdosta Daily Times for your stand on a harsh sentencing for Bunnis Williams. Many have died for my freedom, liberty and vote."

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