for August 23, 2002

Hard to quit

"I envy those of you who don't smoke. I started smoking at 16 because I thought it was cool. Then it started to be a bad habit. And now it's like a part of my day. It's not as easy as you think to quit. I know because I am working on quitting a little every day. Give some of us a little credit for trying to fix a mistake we made years ago."

Wet in Quitman

"You can't get much of an education in Quitman but you can get a free shower. All you have to do is stand in the hall during a rainstorm. They can't seem to put enough SPLOST in the holes to fix the leaks. I bet if the football field were a dome it wouldn't leak. Apparently football is more important in Quitman than education, just like it is in Valdosta."

History facts

"I don't know who the idiot is who wrote the rant about Holocaust victims and slavery not being equal, you are either crazy or have been living under a rock. They were not beaten or killed? In what world? You have been misled or you are stupid. Either way you are wrong."

Stop barrage

"If my taxes are being used in the schools, why are we the parents already being barraged with the school fund-raiser catalogs? Maybe we can use a little of the SPLOST instead so we don't have to sell stuff for our children."

Build their own

"I don't think VSU and VHS need to build or renovate a stadium to share. I think VHS needs to build its own stadium at the schoolhouse and VSU needs its own. They need to completely tear down Cleveland Field and make a good stadium for VSU with parking that can double as student parking. I don't want to go to a college game where the field is shared with a high school."

Women's woes

"Life is tough to women. If you are a working mom, the church looks down on you and wants you to stay home. If you stay home, people with jobs look down on you. If you work, you are probably paid the least and overlooked the most because they know you have to work and will not complain about it."

Driver alert

"Amen to 'Rainy rant.' I like the idea of headlights on because I can see where the crazy drivers are around town!"

Too much money

"I am a graduate of both VHS and VSU. However, this community doesn't need to spend up to $15 million to build a new stadium. I know the president of the university said he could spend 'possibly 60 percent' of the cost. That leaves roughly $6 million the city would owe. Do you want to see your property tax raise that much to see a football game? I think we need to spend it on education and quit worrying about football and I love both teams tremendously."

Pave the roads

"Well, with SPLOST going in for another five years, I expect Van Road and Carter Road to be paved. Let's use the money on the south end of the county as well as the north end of the county."

Bring them in

"I wish the county will do like the the city and send out notices of garbage cans left by the road longer than two days and fine them. Most people leave them by the road the whole seven days."

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