for Nov. 21, 2002

Great yard sale

"Congratulations to The Valdosta Daily times on a fantastic first Annual Yard Sale. It was wonderful. I spent $10 in 10 minutes flat and could have spent more. The selection was great. It was like a really good flea market. Thank you."

Teach driving skills

"In response to Monday's front page article, the solution is not to reengineer the traffic light at Country Club Road, it is to teach these morons in Valdosta how to drive. That has always been the problem. Put some police officers out there, start handing out tickets and send them to driving education training."

Quick holidays

"Bravo to Leigh Amiot. She hit the nail on the head. Finally, I am not the only one seeing Christmas decorations in the Valdosta stores in July. Let's celebrate Thanksgiving first and then Christ's birth."

Maniac drivers

"I wish the parents of kids at Lowndes High School could see how these kids are driving in the school zone. They are maniacs behind the wheel."

Can't do it alone

"Why do we blame the schools and the teachers for failing SAT scores? Yes, they play a part, but the biggest factor is what is being reinforced when the child gets home. I bet half of you out there complaining don't even look in your child's book bags when they get home. Stop ranting and raving and help your kids with their homework!"

GOP strategy

"What Republicans are trying to do through tax cuts is let the people keep their tax money and spend it, which helps all in the economy. Democrats want to tax the few and favor the majority for votes so they can stay in power."

Cable choices

"I am very disappointed that Mediacom chose to drop Channel 5 in Atlanta thereby canceling the Atlanta Falcons football games. Instead you show a documentary on Channel 3 and a Canadian football league game. Give us a break, Mediacom!"

Tired of flag talk

"I am sick and tired of hearing about that stupid Confederate flag. There are more things in life than a flag."

Don't blame lottery

"You can't blame the lottery. Since 1993 the Georgia Lottery has given $1.5 billion to more than 600,000 of Georgia's residents to further their education. It isn't too late for you to take advantage of what so many others already have. But, you have to try."

Giving us HOPE

"To the person who is wondering where all the lottery money is going: Have you not noticed increased enrollment at our state schools, and technical schools? Have you heard of the HOPE scholarship? Where do you think some of the money is coming from to renovate and build the new schools in this town?"

Honest farmers

"What kind of a real, legitimate, patriotic, honest farmer would take a government payment, like some kind of a welfare case? Can I get a government payment for my auto shop, bakery, or laundromat?"

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