for Sept. 12, 2001

Young again

"Would you like to feel young again, no matter how old you are? Go by Texas Roadhouse and order a drink. It doesn't matter if you are 65 or 85, they will ask for a picture ID. Well, it does feel great to feel young again."

Spending money

"We do not need video poker. There are enough ways for the poor people to blow their money."

Cruel owners

"To the person/persons who left two tiny kittens in a buggy at the Super Wal-Mart parking lot late Friday evening. I don't know how long they had been there. There were thirsty, starving and scared. Fortunately a young couple finally came and took them. I think this is just deplorable."

Food for thought

"The person who thinks the food sucks at the county jail, I think they should take him to the Outback."

Local legends

"If you think Winnersville isn't about football, you obviously ain't from around here."

Hard workers

"The clerks at the Valdosta Post Office deserve a huge pat on the back. Somebody needs to recognize them for their hard work, instead of treating them like second-class citizens, compared to the carriers. The clerks work just as hard as the carriers, and deserve some praise and recognition!"

Special smiles

"Hats off to Kent Buescher for making so many kids smile last Friday. Many thanks, also, to all the volunteers who participated in a great day at Wild Adventures. You are all special people."

Stay out of jail

"Oh please! You are in jail, not a country club or five star restaurant or McDonald's. Food isn't supposed to be good. Count your blessings. If you lived when our country was founded and committed the same crime twice you wouldn't even be alive today. If you want good food you should stay OUT of jail. Maybe if more jails were like Lowndes the crime rate would be lower."


"I would like to let everyone know that there are still wonderful people in this world. Josh rescued my sister, mother and I one night. We had a flat about 10 p.m. near Wild Adventures. He never hesitated and worked diligently to get us back on the road. Thanks a billion, Josh."

Straighten up

"In reference to the 'Jailhouse junk food,' if you are in jail, it indicates to me you have done something wrong. You should be thankful you have anything to eat. Sounds like you have been in trouble more than once. Get your life straight and look to the Lord for your help."

Cook at home

"What a laugh! The people in jail should get bread and water. Too bad the criminal didn't like the taste of the food. Change your life, and you can fix the food at home the way you like it to taste!"

Chaos pending

"To the person who mentioned how crowded Lowndes High School is during class changes, thank you. You are right, it is a disaster waiting to happen. "

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