for Tues., Nov. 12, 2002

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"To the person who has a problem with the name Vikettes: Can you find something important to complain about? You're sitting here complaining about a name, when you're probably not even worried about the problems in the community."

Fla. restricts smokers

"In Florida, no-smoking in restaurants and workplace amendment passed with flying colors. Let's call our representatives and senators and get the same thing for Georgia. We are all tired of secondhand smoke. It is a killer."

Taking back Ga.

"Everyone was surprised that Sonny Perdue was elected. This is the first time I voted Republican. It goes to show if you don't do what your constituents want you to do, you are going to be voted out of office. The people of Georgia are going to take back their state."

Road questions

"Could the paper take an in-depth look at when the 'improvements' to the Bemiss Road will be done? It seems the road has been half done for a long time. Also, why can't the right-turn lane at Oak Street Extension and Bemiss be used?"

Voting on flag

"I'm just an ordinary citizen, but I hope that Perdue will let us vote on our flag. Other states still have the old flag. If they can, we can too. Barnes lost the election due to our flag change and our teachers, I'm sure of this. See ya, Barnes. We won't miss you."

Women Vikings

"If you look at history and true Viking culture in Scandinavia, women and men fought alongside each other. Women have just as much claim to the name as men do."

Teaching time

"Because of the HOPE Grant, we have many more students taking the SAT. If you look closely at the results, by percentage of students taking the SAT, we're really not that bad off. Plus, if we didn't have to spend out time under a mountain of paperwork, parental contacts, and sitting in meetings, we might be able to teach them something."

Teacher problem

"If a school teacher can't pronounce a child's name, maybe there's a problem with just how smart/intelligent that teacher is!"

Hospital helpers

"To the staff of SGMC labor and delivery, postpartum: I would like to thank each and everyone in these departments for their kindness and support back on Oct. 3 when I was in the hospital due to blood pressure when I had my baby. You just don't know how much you did for me and my family."

Last in nation

"The person who said that Roy Barnes was passing good education initiatives obviously does not work in the school system. Obviously his schemes were not working ... we are 50th in the nation in SATs!"

Cash-flow problem

"I can't believe somebody was insensitive enough to call in and say if we pay our medical bill in full we wouldn't get harassed by the doctor's office. How are you suppose to pay a medical bill over $12,000 when you clear only $830 a month? And that is working 40 hours a week."

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