for June 26, 2002

Leading ladies

"Thank you to Peggy and Vinita, lady council members of Remerton for their hard work and input for the noise ordinance. Maybe now I can study and sleep at night. Thank you ladies."

Spanking in school

"I would like to rant about the government wanting to put corporal punishment back into the schools when the parents are not allowed to punish their children in that way. If you spank your child with a paddle or leave a bruise or anything on your child at home, then the welfare or police can step in and prosecute those parents. No corporal punishment should not be allowed in school where the teachers or nonfamily members can strike children."


"To the person who said respect is earned: If it wasn't for your mother, you wouldn't be here. The Bible also says if you disrespect your elders, your days will be shortened. You need to learn how to respect your elders whether they earn it or not."

Death sentence

"There is not but one way to deal with terrorists in this world and that is to kill them until they get tired of dying."

Not so easy

"The swim team in this area does not get enough credit for all its difficult work. Swimming is a difficult sport and they don't get enough appreciation for what they do. After all, if swimming was easy, they would call it football."

Protect kids

"We can't rely on children to protect themselves. It is incumbent upon adults to be their protectors. Children have no choice about being a passenger in a car, do they? You should love them enough to secure them in a seat. As an adult, you can choose not to belt yourself. I will ticket you for that. But if I find your kids unsecured, expect an earful."

Driving choices

"To the seat belt jokester: I say no, we should only put you in fireproof heavy steel armor with a complete body-wrap air bag and Kevlar helmet, and let you drive around town a while. Driving is not about taking risks. If you want risks, grab a Mountain Dew and a skateboard."

Take a detour

"I feel the people should respect the homeowners' rights and not even travel down Jerry Jones or Gornto unless they live on those streets and then there won't be a need to widen either one of them."

Spilled water?

" I would like to know what is going on with the Lowndes County utilities!! My water bill, along with several others in my Lake Park neighborhood has doubled this past month! We will be checking our meters on a weekly basis. I hope we are not being cheated!"

Fat chance

"Any individual is free to live as fat as they want, ruin their own personal health and live as stupidly as they please. Just do not ask taxpayers to pay for any part of it, ever."

Ice, ice, baby

"If they would stop putting water on the wild fire and start grinding small ice on the wild fire because it would melt and not evaporate it may help contain it."

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