for Feb. 28, 2003

Wrong emphasis

"I wish we would put as much emphasis on student behavior and academic performance as we do on hiring a new football coach. It's no wonder our kids can't read."

What's the point?

"What's the point of having high-cost medical care for you and your family if every illegal alien can get the most complicated medical procedures for free? Once again, our government shows the middle-class taxpayer what it thinks of him."

Clearing the air

"I am thrilled beyond words about these restaurants in Valdosta that have become smoke free. I hope the other ones will follow suit and before long they all will be smoke free. It will be more healthy for everyone."

Wonderful work

"Dean Poling's article on the presidents was wonderful. I am from Michigan and it will go home with me and I love it. We don't have this in our hometown paper which is much larger. Thanks Dean. Keep up the good work."

Reese criticized

"A big hooray for Lt. Col. Failor for showing Charley Reese for what he is. I wonder if Mr. Reese has considered a career in Saddam Hussein's cabinet? Mr. Reese, it saddens me to know you are an American."

Bring Waves here

"After the 2003 baseball season, the South Georgia Waves Minor League Baseball team in Albany, Ga., is going to move. It looks like Albany has dropped the ball again on keeping a minor league baseball team. I would love to see professional baseball return to Valdosta. I truly believe that Valdosta/Lowndes Co. could and would support a minor league baseball team."

Children's needs

"I just moved to Valdosta. What is here for the children? Where are the discovery centers, indoor play parks, children's museums, etc. All I have found are some beautiful parks and Wild Adventures. There must be more."

Wonderful attitude

"I wanted to give a rave to the young man who just started working at FYE in the mall. He had a great attitude, and was a lot of help to me and my sister. I wish I could remember his name, but since I can't, maybe his managers will look at the new guy and commend him!"

Rare kindness

"I would like to thank the employees at Taco Bell on St. Augustine Road for being so considerate and helpful. I recently injured my leg and I am having to use crutches. I took my two boys there to eat and the employees went out of their way to take care of me and you just don't see this anymore. No one ever really seems to lend a helping hand to a stranger."

Travel savings

"My time is worth a lot. I always fly from Valdosta. When you figure in time, gas and parking fees, there is no money to be saved flying from Atlanta, Jacksonville or Tallahassee."

Start your engines

"I view the race track as a positive notion. The local area needs more activities for people to enjoy. While Wild Adventures is for family of all ages to enjoy so can and should the soon to be track. I say start your engines!"

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