for August 13, 2002

Caring hospital

"Smith Northview Hospital team is superb. My 96-year-old father was recently hospitalized there and we are so grateful for the wonderful, tender care he received. Each one of the staff was excellent."

Mop head?

"The person who called in about the way balding men comb their hair has run out of things to worry and talk about. The person who called that in probably has a mop on his/her head and doesn't have nothing else to talk about."

Tip motivation

"Who started 'waitress wages' anyway? Why not pay everyone in the U.S. about $2.50 an hour and let people work for their tips. You would probably see an increase in productivity. Thank you waitresses!"

Same Coke price

"Cokes are sold at the same price in surrounding counties' school systems. The vendor gets part and the schools get part to pay for things like teacher supplies, copy toner and other items. Don't assume that school officials are sending it to bank accounts in the Bahamas or anything. That money gets used."

Not in Atlanta

"This is Valdosta, not Atlanta. Why should the Valdosta cable system carry the Atlanta stations? What about local business that pay for you to watch your favorite programs on the local TV stations? If you want to watch the Falcons, get a satellite dish and get The Sunday Ticket Football Package. I do."

Too many fees

"I agree with the problem of schools charging for every little thing. You purchase ID badges, parking decals, locker rent, etc., what was with Valdosta seniors purchasing cap and gowns? Millions of lottery dollars are not going to public schools."

Get off street

"When I was a child my parents struggled day and night in hopes of owning a house that had enough room for kids to play and stay out of the street. Nowadays, the children constantly play in the street rather than their own yards, while their parents don't have a clue. I pray that none of them get hurt."

Get ready, parents

"To the parent complaining about costs for registering at Lowndes High: Just wait till college starts. Three hundred dollars plus for books (every semester), $50 for parking (every year), parking tickets for when there isn't a space (which is daily), a recreation fee, an athletic fee, an infirmary fee, all every semester (even if you don't use the services). You haven't seen anything yet!"

Why smoke?

"I would like someone to explain to me why anyone smokes in the first place? We know what damages it does. How can ya'll be so stupid?"

Make up minds

"People used to complain because there were too many law enforcement officers on I-75. Now you want them back. You complain one way or another, make up your minds."

Smoking sections

"I don't understand why restaurants in Valdosta have a smoking and non smoking sections? The smoking section in restaurants is like having a peeing section in the swimming pools."

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