for Mon., Dec. 23, 2002

Valdosta priorities

"To some people in Valdosta, football takes priority over God, family and education."

Too much control

"The problem with VHS is the Touchdown Club has too much control over what is going on with the football program. Whose program is it, the school's or the Touchdown Club? Let the school and superintendent run the program and get the Touchdown Club out of there."

Appreciate blessings

"It seems like all anyone does around here is complain about everything! It's impossible to make everyone happy all the time, but come on people, be thankful for the positives in your life!"

Support for team

"It was great to see the support all season for the Chris Hatcher coach's at CJ's -- more than 100 people each week with crowds swelling to 225 as the Blazers rolled through the playoffs. Fantastic support for a fantastic coach, program and show."

Other employees

"Employees are fired everyday who work for the city. Why is O'Brien different? Would you go up in arms for a lunch lady who was fired or a custodian? I know you wouldn't even if they had been there longer than O'Brien."

Wrong decisions

"To those of you crying about Coach O'Brien losing his job: If he would have made right decisions on the field, he would still have his job."

Hatcher next?

"Coach O'Brien coached VHS to win after win despite not having his best running back for much of the season. He then lost to Camden County by one point by penetration and then got the axe. VSU's Coach Hatcher lost to the No. 1 ranked team in the nation in the last 29 seconds in the game. Is he next?"

Private comments

"Why can't Trent Lott express his opinion at a private party and Jesse Jackson can put his foot in his mouth every time he opens it and nobody says nothing?"

Buffet lover talks

"So what if I visit the buffet line three or four times? I'm not fat. I'm just carrying a lot of prosperity around!"

Wrong philosophy

"I wish to applaud Superintendent Sam Allen for this decision concerning Coach O'Brien. Coach O'Brien is a very fine man but his football philosophy is not taking the Valdosta football team anywhere."

Hidden redneck

"Trent Lott is just another undercover redneck who has been hiding his racism through his office. I know he has apologized, but take him down. He's just another loser who just got caught. If we keep him in office, we as America will fail."

Bad decision

"What friend of Sam Allen's needs a job? He is going to have a hard time filling the shoes of Mike O'Brien. Hey, here's an idea-- let's pull in someone from another state and see what they can do! Bad decision, Mr. Allen."

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