for Jan. 28, 2002

Rant standard

"You should be required to have an IQ of at least 50 before your Rant is printed."

Column enjoyed

"Thank you for bringing columnist Jim Davidson to The Valdosta Daily Times. He is certainly an asset."

Respect needed

"Secretaries often go above and beyond the call of duty and are unfortunately often treated with a lot of disrespect. I encourage employers to treat them with respect and gratitude year round, not just on Secretary's Day."

Stop bickering

"As a former resident of the Valdosta area, it upsets me as a white male (although doesn't surprise me) to know that people (mainly white) are still bickering over the MLK holiday in the year 2002. These people need to grow up, get a life, and stop being so racist and ignorant. And if they can't do that, then I, as a white male living in a 'civilized' society in the 21st century, am ashamed of my own race."

No shame here

"There's not a thing wrong with making minimum wage. I work in a daycare also and I love kids, maybe even yours. I know I have three kids with a loving husband, and I thank God I am able to make that much."

Improve yourself

"If you are making the minimum wage of $5.15 an hour, it is not society's job to give you more money now, it is your job to convince your employer to pay you more or find another job. No one is calling you trash, they are saying you should start seeking more education to make you more promotable and more hirable."

Ranking debate

"Martin Luther King went around the country demonstrating for civil rights, a noble aspiration, but in no way does it place him above any person who served as president of the United States; any veteran who gave their life or was crippled for their country is one step above MLK be that soldier, or sailor, black, yellow, red or white."

Sitter expense

"In response to 'Keep babies at home:' How do you know the mother couldn't afford a baby-sitter? Maybe she was in my situation and don't have anyone to keep her baby and refuse to leave it with a stranger. That was a kind of cruel, mean and cold-hearted remark you made."

Worthy wages

"This is to the woman who wrote about being paid only $5.15 an hour: It's nice to know that you will take good care of our children when we are at work. However, if you would like to make more money in child care, then go to school and get your degree in early childhood education so that you will be qualified to make more than minimum wage. Realize that everyone has to start somewhere, and raising the minimum wage is only going to make the cost of everything go up, so in the end it will not be a benefit to you or your family."

Cover those bellies

"I am a third-grade teacher, and I am so tired of some parents sending their daughters dressed in tops that are too short. If your child lifts both arms and her belly shows, the shirt is too short! Thanks to the parents who cooperate."

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