for Jan. 31, 2003

SUV is safer

"I drive an SUV, and I am 5 feet 9 inches, and I weigh 118 pounds. I am not obese at all, but the reason I drive an SUV is because I personally feel safer in it than in a little car. I have an 11-month-old child who I refuse to put in a little car. Also, since, I have been rear-ended twice in the past five months, and neither of them being my fault, I will keep my SUV so I don't get killed."

Civil rights heritage

"I want the symbol for the state of Georgia to represent my Southern heritage: My forefathers who fought and died for my freedom during the civil rights movement. It could be red, black and green with a black power fist in the middle. That would be fair because it is only about heritage, isn't it?"

Help at motel

"Special thank you to Christine at Quality Inn who helped my husband when he became extremely ill and she made sure the ambulance came and got him to the doctor safely."

Missing money

"Well, the president had me solidly in his corner in the state of the union speech until I asked myself the question: Where is all this new money going to come from?"

Don't blame Bush

"Instead of trashing the president and blaming him for all our problems, why not thank him! He had the courage to run and to be elected but know that he is not the sole person who makes decisions on our welfare or economy."

Reason for war

"Saddam Hussein supports terrorism. That is all the justification we need to go to war against Iraq."

Kudos in Cook

"Coach Susan Darby and her fitness team at Cook Elementary School have done an outstanding job on promoting health and fitness. They gave a wonderful performance at the PE Conference in Jekyll Island. Way to go!"

Where is paving?

"There should be no dirt roads in Lowndes County because a Lowndes County commissioner met with the Lowndes County bus drivers in 1984 and 1988 and told them to vote on a tax increase and all bus routes will be paved. He promised us. Well, that is a big joke."

Proud to be here

"Thank you to those who are responsible for the sign on Northside Drive honoring the men and women of Moody AFB and to the community for your wonderful support of Moody AFB. Not all cities which host military installations are as gracious and appreciative as this town is. My husband and I are proud to be stationed in Valdosta."

Move to Albany

"To the top scientist who said Albany was cheaper to live in than Valdosta and you can make more money there, here is the answer to that problem -- move to Albany."

Resentful driver

"I feel so resentful toward the drivers of vehicles who park in a handicapped space when they seem so healthy. They have the proper decals, but no one in the car seems disabled, it is usually just the driver of the car who gets out. I want to see handicapped people use the spaces."

President's priority

"The president offers prosperity, while all I need is my Georgia Tech graduate daughter to be able to find a job! Inverted priorities, I guess!"

Judging a cover

"You can't look at an individual and tell if they are criminals or not. Jeffrey Dahmer, Timothy McVeigh, Ted Bundy all looked normal. Every parent should read the school rules and regulations. The rules are to protect the students and teachers."

Kudos for police

"Congratulations to Chief Simons and his police department. I had occasion to witness an accident recently, and the officer who took my information was polite and professional."

Costly flag vote

"Southern culture is not being destroyed by the removal of the Confederate flag. The flag is offensive to millions of people and would ultimately hurt Georgia businesses and revenue. Lastly, do you realize how much a vote on the flag issue would cost Georgia taxpayers? If you want to vote on the flag issue, then why don't you float the hundreds of thousands of dollars a vote would cost?"

You can't lose here

"The Cats could hire a saint and a band of angels but the pendulum is going the other way. What happens if the coach who is foolish enough to come here loses a couple of games? Will the inquisition flay

this one alive like the last one?"

What about GOP?

"Every article The Valdosta Daily Times has had in its newspaper about President Bush's State of the Union Address interviews Democrats. I would like to see what Republicans has to say about his speech. More than 77 percent of the people of the United States agreed with what he wanted so why are we interviewing the minority over and over again?"

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