for May 27, 2002

Finger pointing

"Just remember when you point the finger at somebody, you have four more pointing back at you."

Kept informed

"I'd like to thank Cpl. Dennis Nealon of the VSU Police Department for the e-mails he periodically sends the students of VSU. He keeps us up to date on incidents that happen on campus, and works to keep the students informed on ways to stay safe. Without him, we would often not hear about things that happen on campus, and for that, we owe him our most sincere thanks."

Obesity police

"I'm so tired of people acting like being overweight is a crime. I think there are more important things to be worried about. People should worry about their own problems."

History marker

"Other than giving away the Panama Canal, Carter will go down in U.S. history somewhere between Van Buren and Rutherford Hayes in remembrance. Carter has nailed a few 2-by-4s together since leaving the office and seems to be much better at assembling wall studs than he was at being president."

Beltless survivor

"If the 'Lost brain cells' ranter would keep her eyes in her own car and on the road, she would not notice any buckles or seats in my car, which are none of her busybody business. She can stop her worry, because from about 1960 until 1972, I climbed over car seats and rode with no seat belt and am still alive here to tell the tale, as is my entire family of five, who had never heard of nor used a car seat for children."

No potty break

"I was in Adel recently and became sick and stopped at two separate businesses to use their restrooms, and they refused to let me use their restrooms. What happened to small-town hospitality?"

Best behaved

"Three cheers for the kindergarten group from Moody Air Force Base. 43 four- and five-year-old kids came to TCBY for some treats, and they were the best behaved group of youngsters we have ever had. Thanks to their teachers and adult chaperones. They were well groomed, very polite and very, very proud to be Valdostans."

Stop whining

"For the person complaining about the parking at Wild Adventures, stop complaining and enjoy the fact that we have a park here. Give the park time to continue to grow."

Wonderful teacher

"Rhonda Griffin, a kindergarten teacher at Pine Grove Elementary school, has done a wonderful job with the students. She kept track of photographs of every child throughout the year. Kudos to Rhonda Griffin."

Royal treatment

"I am a frequent patron of Michael's Deli on a daily basis. I want to applaud their staff for service that goes beyond the call of duty. A family member from out of town celebrating her fourth birthday was treated like a queen with cake and balloons on request for just a cupcake and a candle. Keep up the good work, you are what America is made of."

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