for June 5, 2002

Vendor monopoly

"These school contracts with vendors should be against the law. Lowndes High School soft drinks cost too much because the kids don't have a choice of vendors. Now the prom pictures were terrible and the seniors have to pay $10 even if they only want their picture in the year book. The perks and gifts from these venders are paid for out of the pockets of parents and students and should be stopped!"

Education spiral

"In inflation-adjusted dollars, Americans are paying more than 72 percent for public elementary and secondary education than we did in 1980. We have reduced class size, increased the role of the federal government, increased teacher's salaries, yet, we are behind most of the rest of the world. Isn't it time to try something else like school choice?"

Missing glove

"To the person who decided to take my son's treasured brown baseball glove and ball at the Boys Club Saturday morning: Please turn it back in. He's heartbroken."

Phone returned

"Thanks to the staffer at Northlake Golf Course who returned my lost cell phone. I was both relieved and very much grateful."

Dangerous exit

"Something needs to be done about the traffic at Exit 16 at I-75. Traffic going west tries to turn into Austins thinking they are going south. The signs need to be larger, and hanging from the overpass. We almost get killed every afternoon going home, as they just dive right into the other lane."

Missing flag

"Concerning the memorial at the Valdosta-Lowndes County Conference Center honoring the victims of the terrorist attack on Sept. 11: There were FOUR planes that were hijacked. Why are there only three flags? Those who gave their lives in the Pennsylvania crash actually succeeded in preserving our freedom."

Set an example

"If most people had enough common sense to buckle their kids up or put them in a car seat, maybe the government wouldn't have to make laws mandating it. Kids learn their habits and behaviors from their parents. Set an example, and quit your whining."

Driver's choice

"It doesn't seem to me like it's any of your business where a person lives or what they drive in comparison to their home. If I want to drive a Porsche and live in a one bedroom apartment, I have that right -- just as a person can live in a mansion and drive a station wagon (which many people do)."

Eyes wide open

"If you didn't want a cookie-cutter home, why did you buy one? In addition, why didn't you research the area and other home plans first? Maybe you should have kept your eyes open when buying your home."

Longtime tradition

"We have had the Pledge of Allegiance for a long time. It is not brain washing our children. It is standing up for our country."

Lifesaving doctor

"Thanks to Dr. Barry Braun for saving my husband's life. Every doctor he went to could not find what was wrong with him. Dr. Braun did one test and it helped him tremendously."

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