for June 10, 2002

Positive approach

"Columnist Jim Davidson's opinions are always so positive. I think we need more of that in the paper. There seems to be a lot of negativity going around these days, and I really appreciate Jim's columns."

Giving thanks

"I would like to give thanks for the five good Samaritans who came to my assistance when I was involved in a hit and run accident. A young couple saw the accident and called the police. Another man saw the accident and gave me his name and phone number. When the other driver left quickly, two more people got the tag number and a description of the car. Thanks good Samaritans who live on North Forrest Street."

Winners inspire

"Congratulations to Jenna Jameson and Laura Middleton on the awards they won. Both of them are inspirations to all children who look up to them."

Job well done

"I like to commend VDT photographers Mike Tanner and Paul Leavy for a job well done on the coverage of the local and surrounding counties graduation exercises."

Spread it around

"If Valdosta has so much money to spread around, why don't they spread it around to the people who are eight hours a day in the heat to satisfy all the taxpayers around here?"

Proud heritage

"I am proud to be born and reared in the South and proud of my ancestors who fought and died in the war for Southern independence and am proud to display a Confederate flag which I see is not of hate but out of heritage."

God bless you

"I would like to thank Dr. Retterbush, the doctors and nurses on 3 West at SGMC for taking care of my brother. May God bless you."

Freedom of flags

"History will always offend someone. It just depends on who you are. When will we learn that, as a people, you can't please everyone? The Confederate flag is a part of our nation's history. Many are proud of that history. Only the close-minded and afraid would care to censor others' pride. Let it go, and let that flag fly wherever it will."

Afraid to annex?

"Did you know there are vast parcels of county land surrounded by land within the city limits? These 'islands' could easily be annexed into the city, but mayor and council are scared to do so. Now Valdosta High football may have to pay the price by being forced to play in a lower classification due to its low student population."

Great American

"Decorated veteran Earl Blocker is truly a member of the greatest generation of American history. The sacrifices these men made for freedom are phenomenon. Thank you so much Mr. Blocker, and you are a great American."

Hard-won freedom

"For over 200 years, countless brave Americans have fought for our rights and freedom in this country. That includes my right to display a Confederate flag."

Lottery sports

"To the person who called in about the lottery: Ask the people who have won how bad they are at math. The people who play and lose feel like it is a good sport as well as it should be with any game. The ones who win are rewarded."

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