ADEL – A probation violation led to a five-year prison sentence for a Cook County man.

Antonio Demetrius Stewart, 37, was sentenced to five years in prison for violating the terms of his probation, according to the Alapaha District Attorney's Office.

"Stewart was on probation for a 2016 aggravated assault and false imprisonment," according to the DA's office. "Stewart is also on probation out of Lowndes County for a drug charge. Stewart is on probation through 2028 from his Cook County conviction."

After the state and defense presented their cases in Cook County Superior Court, Alapaha Circuit Judge Howard McClain revoked five years of Stewart’s remaining probation. 

Probation violations included a new aggravated assault charge and numerous new drug charges leveled against Stewart, according to court records.

“Antonio Stewart is a man who has had plenty of chances to turn his life around," Alapaha District Attorney Dick Perryman said. "Instead of making the choice to abide by the law and the rules of probation, Stewart chose to continue committing crimes. Now, Stewart is being forced to face the consequences of his actions. 

"Having Antonio Stewart off the street is a win for the citizens of this community. Chief Assistant District Attorney Rebekah Ditto did an excellent job in pursuing this case and law enforcement from the Cook County Sheriff’s Office and the Adel Police Department did great work in helping put Stewart away.”

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