1. Thanks for the sunny day which reveals the beauties of the world and the hard truths.

2. Thanks for the rain that can change a day’s perspective.

3. Thanks for today and the gift of it.

4. Thanks for yesterday and the understanding of it.

5. Thanks for tomorrow and the promise of it.

6. Thanks for the loved ones from our past.

7. Thanks for the loved ones in our lives now.

8. Thanks for those to come.

9. Thanks for the arts and traditions which enrich our lives.

10. Thanks for the experiences that shape our lives.

11. Thanks for the memories that enable us to make decisions based upon those experiences.

12. Thanks for the judgment to make decisions wisely.

13. Thanks for our mistakes, for they make us stronger and hopefully better.

14. Thanks for the opportunity to work.

15. Thanks for a job well done.

16. Thanks for the pride that pushes us to excel.

17. Thanks for the humility to recognize our limitations.

18. Thanks for the thankful and the gracious.

19. Thanks for those who share.

20. Thanks for talents, both great and small, both obvious and not so obvious, that make the world go round.

21. Thanks for the builders who make our homes.

22. Thanks for the farmer who raises our food.

23. Thanks for the worker who develops our roads, builds our cars, keeps the water, phones and electricity flowing, keeps the shelves stocked, and everything else.

24. Thanks for the merchant who meets a need.

25. Thanks for the cook who prepares not only sustenance but a variety of tastes that make eating so enjoyable.

26. Thanks for the military personnel for ensuring our freedoms.

27. Thanks for the citizen who guarantees those freedoms by responsibly living them.

28. Thanks for the active dreamer who sees potential and fulfills it.

29. Thanks for like-minded people so we can feel understood.

30. Thanks for people with different opinions so that we may understand more.

31. Thanks for teeth, because they allow us to chew and smile.

32. Thanks for vision and senses that allow us to enjoy beauty and understand hardships.

33. Thanks for sleep that gives our senses a break from the dazzling wonders and a rest from life’s miseries.

34. Thanks for the air we breathe.

35. Thanks for a breeze that comforts.

36. Thanks for education that builds knowledge.

37. Thanks for experiences that nurture understanding.

38. Thanks for the mind that seeks wisdom.

39. Thanks for knowledge, understanding and wisdom that build compassion.

40. Thanks for challenges that test our talents and strengths.

41. Thanks for a little madness that makes us free and fun.

42. Thanks for the seriousness that keeps us responsible and driven.

43. Thanks for the favors that do not smack of favoritism but come from the heart.

44. Thanks for laughter.

45. Thanks for those who can make us laugh.

46. Thanks for the ability to laugh at ourselves.

47. Thanks for children.

48. Thanks for blessings — past and present.

49. Thanks for the blessings to come.

50. Thanks for the mystery of life, the earth, the sun, the moon, the stars.

51. Thanks for dreams.

52. Thanks for the poetry of movement, from the stanzas of a graceful dancer and the haiku of a child’s first steps to the rhythmic Morse code of a nod and the sonnet of a waving hand.

53. Thanks for music, and all of its forms, from a child’s simple humming to the complexities of a symphony orchestra and everything in between. A song is a breeze from within.

54. Thanks for the aged.

55. Thanks for the young.

56. Thanks for whatever age we may be.

57. Thanks for the timeless things.

58. Thanks for the priceless things.

59. Thanks for community.

60. Thanks for family.

61. Thanks for solitary moments of privacy.

62. Thanks for crowded hours that make our days interesting.

63. Thanks for quiet moments that make our souls interested.

64. Thanks for our interests that add dimensions to our days and nights.

65. Thanks for nights.

66. Thanks for fear that keeps us aware of right and wrong, the fragility of life, and the consequences of our actions.

67. Thanks for the courage to dare, hope and live despite our fears.

68. Thanks for the land that supports our homes and workplaces, that provides our food, that grows grass and trees, that keeps our feet firmly on the ground.

69. Thanks for the water that thrums like the beating of the earth’s heart, that quenches our thirsts, that makes us and nurtures us.

70. Thanks for the sky that is filled with the air we breathe, that is boundless, that allows our minds to dream without ceilings.

71. Thanks for faith. Have faith and faith shall find ye.

72. Thanks for animals. The comfort and love of a pet. The animals that fill the world and remind us that humans are only part of the earth’s inhabitants.

73. Thanks for love. Love is free yet it must be returned. It can’t be bought, though love must be given the attention and labor one might expect from a job.

74. Thanks for language, the ability to express ourselves and comprehend the thoughts of others.

75. Thanks for gestures that allow us to communicate without having to say a word.

76. Thanks for free discussion that allows us to disagree.

77. Thanks for the emotions and experiences that bind us when time and miles keep us so far apart.

77. Thanks for names and titles that define us as opposed to labels that divide and stereotype us.

78 Thanks to the warrior willing to sacrifice all for his beliefs.

79. Thanks for the peacekeeper willing to sacrifice all for his beliefs.

80. Thanks for the ability to compromise.

81. Thanks for church.

82. Thanks for state.

83. Thanks for our friends. We can learn much from them and measure ourselves by them.

84. Thanks for our enemies. We can learn much from them and measure ourselves by them.

85. Thanks for anniversaries.

86. Thanks for new beginnings.

87. Thanks for second chances.

88. Thanks for redemption.

89. Thanks for forgiveness.

90. Thanks for charity.

91. Thanks for independence.

92. Thanks for self-improvement.

93. Thanks for the nails that bind our homes.

94. Thanks for the salt that seasons our bread.

95. Thanks for the soap that washes our bodies.

96. Thanks for the table that nourishes body, mind and soul.

97. Thanks for prayer.

98. Thanks for a helping hand when times are bad.

99. Thanks for a pat on the back when times are good.

100. Thanks to you.

Dean Poling is an editor with The Valdosta Daily Times and the editor of The Tifton Gazette.

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