Congratulations to the following individuals who were recognized as superior performers during the Phase I Operational Readiness Inspection here Sept. 21-25.

23rd Maintenance Group

-- Master Sgt. Torrance Bell

-- Master Sgt. David Flores

-- Staff Sgt. Jacki Adair

-- Staff Sgt. Sean Clark

-- Staff Sgt. Theresa Curella

-- Staff Sgt. Brent Ishler

-- Staff Sgt. Gregory Minette

-- Staff Sgt. Wilhelm Pauwells

-- Staff Sgt. David Poe

-- Staff Sgt. DeShawn Shinette

-- Senior Airman William Ecker

-- Senior Airman Carl Karnish III

23rd Mission Support Group and 23rd Medical Group

-- 2nd Lt. Sarah Bennett

-- Master Sgt. Sherwon Bennett

-- Master Sgt. Carlos Moore

-- Master Sgt. Anthony Robinson

-- Tech. Sgt. Rebecca Barton

-- Tech. Sgt. Robert Schenk Jr.

-- Tech. Sgt. Edwin Lipp

-- Staff Sgt. Dallas Bozeman

-- Staff Sgt. Richard Brownlee Jr.

-- Staff Sgt. Tasha McFarlande

-- Staff Sgt. Cassandra Moore

347th Rescue Group, 23rd Fighter Group and 23rd Wing Staff

-- Capt. Russell Fette

-- Capt. Robert Fitzpatrick

-- Capt. Eric Fleming

-- Capt. Machael Gallagher

-- Capt. Travis Hartley

-- Capt. Evan Marchetti

-- Capt. Brian Rhoades

-- Capt. Joden Werlin

-- 1st Lt. Benjamin Hill

-- 1st Lt. Allan Ross

-- Tech. Sgt. Richard Leahigh III

-- Senior Airman Elijah Rothrock

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