Lot 6 on Bailey Drive is now officially 2508 Bailey Drive, otherwise known as Edna Minnis's new home.

Although Minnis will not actually move in the house until July 1, she was given the house key Friday afternoon during the Jimmy Carter Work Project 2003 Home Dedication. About 25 crew members attended the ceremony held in Minnis's driveway.

A crew member opened the individual home dedication with prayer, and House Leader Andrew Blackman from Denver, Colo., gave the opening remarks.

"Building this house has been a renewal of the feeling Habitat for Humanity gave me back in high school," Blackman said. "It is that sense of camaraderie and satisfaction. It is the realm of God manifested among us."

Minnis's home is not yet ready for occupation, mostly because the floor coverings-- carpet and vinyl flooring -- have not been installed. Blackman said the house also needs an open sewer cap and one more kitchen cabinet filler strip. Blackman also said a window screen did not fit, so one will be installed later.

However, the house now has sinks, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, ceiling fans, a water heater, toilets, light fixtures, doorknobs, outlet covers, white outdoor shutters and begonias planted in the front yard.

It even has a water hose connected to the outdoor water faucet.

"This is a beautiful house," Blackman said. "You (the house crew) worked through rain and heat and came out with a beautiful house."

At the dedication ceremony, first-time Habitat volunteer Lynnie McCrobie from Ervington, Va., spoke as the volunteer representative. She said she had a fun and rewarding time, and she expects to do more work in the future.

Minnis gave the beginning of the family response, thanking everyone for their hard work on her new home and for simply caring about her while she was working on it.

Minnis's granddaughter, Andrea Jackson, 34, also spoke, expressing how proud she was to have a new home.

Willie Jackson, Minnis's great-grandson, 15, was all smiles as he made his remarks to the house crew.

"Without y'all, this house wouldn't have been so beautiful," Willie Jackson said. "I'm just happy."

Blackman led the crowd in the Litany of Dedication.

Karen Costlow-Nolan, a board member for the Valdosta JCWP, presented Minnis with her house key, a Habitat for Humanity door mat, a first aid kit the Valdosta Sunrise Rotary Club purchased from the Red Cross, a key chain and two gift bags of toiletries made by Valwood School's Interact Club.

As for Minnis, she said she's learned a lot in the past week about people and about houses. Now she knows a lot of different trades, including the proper way to caulk, how to measure different items and how to assemble a ceiling fan. She now knows her future neighbors, and she's formed a sort of neighboring community with those who worked on her house.

"It seemed everyone was buzzing around me to see if I was OK the whole time," Minnis said. "I have never, never, never felt this much love in one place other than in the church. I hope this love will continue on after building this house."

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