HOMERVILLE --A Kingsland man charged with murder and two counts of aggravated assault for a July 3 driveby shooting of a Homerville man is free on $50,000 bond.

Jordan A. Crear, 26, was released Tuesday after a two-hour bond hearing held in the Clinch County Courthouse. Crear, a petty officer with the U.S. Navy, was in his navy white uniform, as were the eight servicemen who came from Mayport on his behalf.

Crear's public defender, Tim Eidson, called Commander Patrick Stepler, who offered testimony on Crear's stellar navy career during the last seven years.

Stepler said that he was told by Navy legal services that Crear should be discharged, but he disagreed based on Crear's performance. Stepler said Crear's career thus far was "outstanding" and he was what some people refer to as a "super star." However, Stepler was unable to speak of Crear outside of his naval performance when questioned by Assistant District Attorney Henry Jones.

Lt. Commander Don Young, who referred to himself as the No. 2 man at Mayport, also said Crear was known to him "by record only" but that he had an "absolutely stellar career."

Crear's direct supervisor Petty Officer Tracy Fulks also said Crear came to work early and stayed late, and all three testified they were shocked when they heard that Crear was involved with the shooting death.

Two other petty officers spoke about Crear's off-base activities and said he was not violent and was often a peacemaker.

Crear's wife of six years spoke, as did his two sisters-in-law.

Assistant District Attorney Robert Rogers called Homerville Police Detective Lonnie Webb and Police Chief Mark Register to testify. Both men told the court they did not know Crear and could not speak to whether he was a flight risk.

The longest part of the hearing came during Webb's questioning when Rogers asked him to describe the events that led to the shooting. Superior Court Judge Brooks Blitch heard arguments from Eidson stating the proceedings were a bond hearing, and testimony about the actual case should not be given.

Blitch allowed Webb to describe the three fights that led to the shooting death of Travis Tyson, who was stopped at the intersection of West Forrest Avenue and Church Street. Webb said Crear was driving the Chevrolet Avalanche that pulled along Tyson's car and owned the gun that fired the fatal shots.

Blitch also heard from Tyson's parents, the Rev. Marcus and Bertha Tyson. Tyson's father was outraged by the appearance of Navy officials on behalf of Crear and said he resented that his tax dollars paid for the eight in attendance to come when they weren't subpoenaed. He spoke of the loss of two sons -- one who drowned 10 years ago and then Travis. He said he and his wife had not slept in over two weeks. He asked Blitch to deny bond and questioned whether Crear would do anytime and said the "good old boy system" was at work. Bertha Tyson wept throughout her statement. Her voice was barely audible at times, but she spoke of the anger she felt toward Crear and three others charged in the shooting. She said she prays that Crear and the others get life.

"They should get out when my son comes out," Bertha Tyson said.

Also charged with murder and two counts of aggravated assault are Torrance Edmond, 26, Ervin Bighams, 27, and Dwight Jones Riley, 27, all of Homerville.

The DA's office said it received notification of the bond hearing on Friday, but they had not received the completed Georgia Bureau of Investigation report.

The GBI agent who investigated the case was not present at the hearing. All other hearings had been canceled because of elections.

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