VALDOSTA — Lowndes County school system is lowering the millage rate. 

It is reducing from 16.541 in 2018 to 16.384 this year, and this is the third year in a row that Lowndes County Schools has stated it would lower the millage rate.

“That will put us over the last three years as over a half a mill lower than we were then,” said Ken Overman, assistant superintendent. “We’re excited to be able to do that. We’re good where we are with budgeting, so let’s give back to the taxpayers.”

The millage rate was 16.911 in 2016.

Overman said that translates to paying almost $14 less in property taxes than last year if a residence is valued at $200,000.

“Being in the position we are financially, this is just another demonstration of being good stewards of taxpayer money,” Lowndes County School Superintendent Wes Taylor said. “It’s just the right thing to do.”

The millage rate was briefly discussed at the Aug. 6 Lowndes County Board of Education meeting. It will be voted on at the next meeting, Aug. 12. 

Katelyn Umholtz is a reporter with the Valdosta Daily Times. She can be contacted at (229)244-3400 ext. 1256.

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