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VALDOSTA — Lowndes County reported four COVID-19-related deaths, according to the Georgia Department of Public Health Tuesday.

Virus hospitalizations at South Georgia Medical Center remained less than 20.

The county has reported 215 COVID-19 deaths since the start of the pandemic, according to the GDPH. 

South Georgia Medical Center still reports 439 virus-related deaths since the beginning of the pandemic. Not all patients are Lowndes County residents.

SGMC reported 19 COVID-19 patients hospitalized, according to the SGMC daily report. The number of COVID-19 patients has fallen by nearly 100 patients since the high of 113 Aug. 22.

Lowndes County has reported 10,893 virus cases since the start of the pandemic, according to the GDPH.

There have been more than 10,220 antigen positive cases reported in Lowndes and 87 probable deaths since the pandemic began, according to the report.

South Health District urges anyone older than the age of 12, who has not been vaccinated, to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

In addition to vaccination, other steps that individuals can take to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 include mask wearing (for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals) in areas of high transmission, social distancing, hand-washing and avoiding crowded settings.

People can contact the health department to schedule a vaccination appointment.

Meanwhile, SGMC reported that 53 is the average age of its hospitalized COVID-19 patients and 48 is the average age for ventilated patients, according to data taken between Oct. 8-14.

Other data provided by the hospital includes that 85% of the 19 hospitalized patients were unvaccinated. Eighty-six percent of the ventilated patients are unvaccinated.

“COVID-19 does not discriminate when it comes to age and we are seeing a wide range of ages test positive for the virus. We’re highly encouraging everyone if they have not been vaccinated to go get vaccinated, and if you happen to test positive and do not have to be hospitalized we have treatment options available,” Dr. Brian Dawson, chief medical officer, said in a previous statement.

SGMC has released 2,298 patients who were diagnosed with the virus since the start of the pandemic.

SGMC has reported 43,435 vaccinations administered.

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