Do you support the city's venture into the cable and telecommunications business?

The city has formed a committee to research this issue. I would like to wait for their input, and make an informed decision then.

Should a smoking ban be placed on restaurants?

Citizens will help restaurants make this decision. If customers decide not to frequent places that allow smoking, the restaurant will ban smoking.

Should the county and city schools be consolidated?

I would recommend that a committee be formed to research this issue.

It has been rumored that some restaurants do not come to Valdosta because they cannot sell alcohol on Sundays. Should alcohol sales be allowed on Sundays?

Illegal alcohol sales already occur on Sundays in our city. The question should be: Does the city want to tax and monitor these sales?

How do you plan to help solve the amount of VSU student cars that park on city streets?

I would like to see the city and university work to adopt a mutually agreed plan to help address this issue.

Although you work for the city, you also work for your district. What, if any, are the needs of your district, and how will you address those needs?

I will address the safety, revitalization, and preservation of our neighborhoods, through the creation of jobs, small business opportunities, and decent safe affordable housing.

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