FOWLER CHILDREN'S BOOKS: The Adventures of Cooper: The Flowerbed Fiasco: Susan Jones

The Flower Bed Fiasco

Why did you choose this book? “It is fun!” 

Have you read other “Cooper Adventures”? “Yes, I got them because I know Cooper.”

Was this book fiction or non-fiction? “It is real people and a real dog.”

Where did you get this book? “I do not know. I got it for Christmas!"

What is the funniest part of this book? “When Cooper gets caught up in the hose!”

What happens at the end of the story? “Other kids wrote stories about Cooper.”

What age is this book for? “1 and up.”

Where can you get this book? “On Amazon.”

What do you want to say to the readers? “Do you like to plant flowers?”

Thanks for reading the review. Susan, the author, was my preschool teacher. She is a fun teacher. I like tulips the best. They are pretty and I like pretty stuff the best.

This review is by JoJo Fowler of Valdosta. She was interviewed by her mom.

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