VALDOSTA – There’s a brand new addition hanging out at Wild Adventures Theme Park. 

Accompanying the resident sloth, Oscar, a female sloth has joined the theme park family at the Sloth House in the Discovery Outpost near the Alapaha Trail entrance. 

Park zookeeper Kat Cadle said the slow-moving, two-toed animal is adjusting well to living at Wild Adventures.

“Immediately when we got her, she came right out of her little house,” Cadle said. “She’s very curious. I believe she gets around a little more than Oscar does.”

The 3-year-old sloth spends her days hanging on a tree and resting. She is fed foods such as cooked sweet potatoes and raw fruits and vegetables twice per day.

The park also makes nutritional biscuits made from leafs reminiscent of nourishment sloths receive in the wild, said Adam Floyd, park marketing communications manager.

The South Georgia humidity and heat is suitable for sloths as they are familiar with the South America climate.

Cadle said the female sloth is about 12-13 pounds, the most she’ll ever weigh.

Floyd said while Oscar is a popular park ambassador, Wild Adventures “jumped” at the chance to acquire the new animal.

“It gives us more opportunities for our guests to love these animals and learn more about them,” he said.

Wild Adventures needs assistance in naming its addition. Suggestions are Mya, Olivia and Emmie.

Guests can vote for their favorite name on Wild Adventures Theme Park’s Facebook page. Park officials will announce the winning name Friday, Aug. 16. 

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