QUITMAN -- Authorities recently arrested and charged members of a South Georgia with operating a cocaine ring out of their Brooks County home.

Agents with the Thomas County-Thomasville Narcotics and Vice Division, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration, Brooks County Sheriff's Office and the Quitman Police Department investigated the case for about three years before making the arrests Friday.

Kevin Lee, commander of the Thomas County-Thomasville Narcotics and Vice Division, said most of the family awaited arraignment in Albany Wednesday.

Thomas Gosier, Valerie Gosier, both of Dixie; Daniel Gosier, of Valdosta, and their brother, Bobby Sneed, who is in jail in Thomasville on another charge, are charged with conspiracy to possess more than 50 grams of crack cocaine and numerous individual distribution charges.

The family sold to people in Thomas, Lanier, Lowndes and Brooks counties, Lee said.

Others arrested and indicted in the case under the same charges include:

l Keith Merrill, of Pavo

l Eric Davis, of Quitman

l Richard Hunter, who is in the Georgia State Prison system on other charges

l William "Bo" Johnson, also in prison

l Charles Cooper, also in prison

Lee said there are three others and possibly more involved in the case who will soon be arrested.

"This crew here is probably one of the biggest cocaine suppliers in this area," Lee said.

Authorities found Thomas Gosier converting powder cocaine into crack cocaine at his kitchen sink when they broke down the door Friday, Lee said.

More crack cocaine was buried in the back yard, and two kilo wrappers used to package 2.2 pounds of cocaine were in the trash can behind his residence on Hodges Road, Lee said.

Items seized include about $10,000 in cash, several firearms, cooking utensils for converting powder cocaine into crack cocaine and numerous vehicles, Lee said.

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