Dorothy C. “Dot” Green, Valdosta

Guardian Bank, Valdosta

Ethel and Samuel Mitchell, Valdosta

City of Morven

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution Col. Ebernezer Folsom Chapter, Valdosta

Donald Nestler, Hahira

Deborah L. Barnard, Valdosta

C. Ray and Patricia Bryant Jr., Valdosta: “In memory of Lt. Col. Ernest F. Hornesby.”

Sharon and Milton “Buddy” Coleman Jr., Naylor: “In memory of Howard L. Lincoln, a World War II veteran and Sharon’s father, who served as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army’s 88th Infantry Division in Italy.”

Col. (Ret.) John and Peggy Fondren, Valdosta

Gary and Gloria Hoskins, Valdosta

Sarah (Jenny) and Riley Howard, Valdosta

Doris Larus, Dianne Harrell, Sherryll Mixon, Naylor: “In honor of father and husband Donald L. Larus, who served in the European Theatre, World War II. He is not able to visit the Memorial. The Lord blesses all who serve our Great Nation. Thanks to those who are making this flight possible.”

Major (Ret.) Donald and Sara McArthur, Valdosta

Dr. Jesse L. Parrott, Hahira

Shirley A. Davis, Valdosta: “In memory of my husband, William E. Davis Jr., who served in World War II.”

W. Gus and Walton Elliott, Valdosta: “In memory of James M. Fraser, veteran of World War II and the Korean War (brother of Walton E. Elliott).”

City of Hahira

Elaine and James Keener Jr., Valdosta

W.T. and A.S. Lineberger, Valdosta

Shirley R. McMillan, Kay M. Powell, Jonathan Jay Powell, Adel: “Given in honor of Willie J. McMillan, World War II veteran, U.S. Navy. We are very proud of him and all the veterans who faithfully served their country.”

G. “Joe” and Kathryn Prater Jr., Valdosta

Debra L. Reid, Lake Park

Col. (Ret.) Peter and Sondra Supp, Valdosta

Linda S. Todd, Valdosta: “In gratitude.”

Don “Mike” and Shirley Townsend, Valdosta

Patricia and Robert Wynn, Jasper, Fla.

Jon and Linda Burch, Valdosta

Kathryn (Kaye) and Robert (Bob) Consolini, Valdosta

Mary and Thompson (Tom) Gooding Jr., Valdosta

State Rep. Penny Houston, Nashville

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