VDT David Sumner

David Sumner

VALDOSTA — “I am grateful and humble to the voters of District 5 for allowing me to serve them these past ten years. I have lived in the district a majority of my soon to be 50 years. I have a passionate sense of service to my community (District 5) and this city,” said Councilman David Sumner as he announced his candidacy to continue his service to the city of Valdosta and its citizens.

“I am excited about the future of the district and the city of Valdosta. We have much to look forward to,” said Sumner. “All citizens have great expectations for our future and with those expectations come yet unknown concerns for many citizens. I am asking the voters of District 5 to continue to put their trust and faith in my ability to represent them and address those concerns in the future.”

Over the past 10 years, Sumner has attended more than 600 meetings representing District 5 and the City. “The voters of my district can count on me being present, knowledgeable of subject matter, engaged, and making sure District 5 gets its fair share funding and services from city of Valdosta,” said Sumner.

According to Sumner, Valdosta has seen much growth over the years that was not an overnight occurrence. “Valdosta is going to continue to see a lot of growth over the coming years, and through continuous leadership, this city will continue to flourish,” said Sumner.

He also recognizes that among serious issues to be addressed are traffic and congestion. “We must ensure we continue an organized process to accommodate the city’s growth,” said Sumner.

“I also feel very strongly on providing law enforcement and fighting crime as well as fire safety,” said Sumner, “In my 10 years on Council, I’ve never voted against requests to ensure public safety within the confines of a budget.

“I will continue my efforts to keep city taxes (millage rate) low. Taxes have never been raised during my time of services even with the budget doubling size,” said Sumner. “I believe with low taxes, investments have been made in our community from the private sector which relates to growth and prosperity.

“I have and will continue to protect the value of our homes by using a common since approach in zoning to keep commercial development from taking hold in our neighborhoods,” said Sumner.

Sumner said he has been a leader working for quality of life projects such as parks and recreation by focusing on the needs of citizens in the district and community as a whole. “House Bill 489 must be resolved,” said Sumner. “Once the issues are resolved, both governments can move forward and be able to fund and support the citizens. Recreation is a quality of life service deserved by all our citizens.

“I have had the pleasure to serve along side many different councilmen over the past ten years. District 5 has not been without continued representation and had to wait on experience to develop. I have enjoyed working for the good of our city with members of council and the benefits for District 5 have been recognized,” said Sumner.

Through, hard-working, continued leadership, Sumner said he strives to provide continued protection for the value of homes and neighborhoods, low taxes, growth and prosperity, and projects for the quality of life.

“I have the experience, knowledge and leadership to continue a positive and prominent position for District 5 and I humbly ask the voters to continue to support my efforts by returning me to office,” said Sumner.

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