VALDOSTA -- Only one beloved children's storybook character is capable of traveling all over the world for the price of a postage stamp. It's Flat Stanley.

Created by Jeff Brown, Flat Stanley, who was squashed by a falling bulletin board, visits his friends by traveling in an envelope. Recently, third-graders at Crossroads Baptist School sent their own Flat Stanley to places near and far.

"I sent Flat Stanley to Japan to visit my mom's friend," said Brandon Koltes, 8. "Her son William ... he's a first-grader ... played with him and took him to the Pokemon Headquarters and school."

Flat Stanley's next adventure involved a ride with the Thunderbirds in Las Vegas, Nev.

"He got to fly," Koltes said.

Jorja Jones, 8, sent Flat Stanley on a Mexican vacation with her aunt and grandmother. During a shopping excursion, he bought Jones and her classmates a few souvenirs. Photos from that trip reveal that he also took a ride in a taxi cab.

"I even have one of him sitting on the toilet," Jones said. "He drank too much and had to go."

"When I go to Mexico, I am going to do all the same things he did," she continued.

Sarah Ann Bradford, 8, helped Flat Stanley check out the West Coast with a trip to California to visit her uncle. However, things did not go exactly as planned.

"My uncle was trying to take a picture of Flat Stanley at a lighthouse and he blew into the ocean," she said. "Luckily he was rescued by the Coast Guard."

Other students shared similar stories of Flat Stanley adventures, including trips to Williamsburg, Va., South Korea, London and Australia. Kahler Smith, 9, said Flat Stanley has not returned from Australia at this time. It's possible, she said, that he's either surfing the waves or seeing the sights from a kangaroo's pouch.

Cheryl Cole, teacher, said the students have really enjoyed following Flat Stanley and learning more about all the places and people he has visited.

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