COMICS: Action Comics: The House of Kent

Action Comics: The House of Kent

Brian Michael Bendis concludes his exceptional Superman run in "The House of Kent" collection in "Superman: Action Comics."

Bendis penned both the "Superman" and "Action Comics" titles for a few years. 

Highlights include the introduction of the Invisible Mafia whose leader buys The Daily Planet, the space-aging of Clark and Lois' son from elementary age to a nearly grown teen (a couple weeks passed on Earth while he was in space for years), Superman's publicly revealing he and Clark Kent are the same person, the formation of an intergalactic organization that's sort of like a cosmic United Nations. Plus, Bendis spent a lot of time looking at the newsroom atmosphere of The Daily Planet.

 Fun stuff.

Here, Bendis with an able assist from talented artists John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson tie up several loose ends from this memorable run – specifically, the Invisible Mafia storyline which began at the start of Bendis time as writer.

Of course, the next creative team will have plenty to handle in the aftermath of the Bendis Superman – the Clark Kent/Superman identity thing, for starters.

But "The House of Kent" brings it all home.

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