COMIC BOOKS: Secret Invasion

Secret Invasion

Every time it seems all of the massive crossover events have been rooted out and read, another one from years past is revealed.

Almost to a point where it is easy to forget about these massive comic book company "events."

Decades ago, these events were so rare and had such clout that older readers still remember them: The Kree-Skrull War or Thanos obtaining the Cosmic Cube. These "events" were only a few issues each. Not the months-long series of issues that bleed into every major title of the comics companies now.

These "events" were epic before the rise of "Infinity Crisis," "Identity Crisis," "Secret Wars," etc., etc., etc.

So, we find "Secret Invasion" by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Leinil Francis Yu.

In "Secret Invasion," the shape-shifting Skrulls invade Earth and take on Marvel's heroes by stealing their appearance and powers. The insidious plot pits allies against one another as they are uncertain if they face longtime partners, friends and lovers or Skrulls in disguise.

There's nothing wrong with "Secret Invasion." In fact, Bendis and Yu get most everything right. They expand and expound on one of the earliest alien races introduced in the Marvel Universe; they imbue the Skrulls with power and make them important and relevant again.

But it's one in a seemingly endless supply of crossover events that pit all Marveldom or DC against universe/dimension-destroying doom. Another all-hands-on deck that's big on the cast of characters but often slight on characterization.

Still, worth a find if interested in seeing the Skrulls return to power.

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