Immortal Hulk: Hulk in Hell

Horror Hulk continues.

Al Ewing's scare-fest Hulk continues with the latest story arc collecting issues 11-15 of "Immortal Hulk."

"Hulk in Hell" reveals a Hulk that is spiritually and muscularly bereft. He is a saggy, baggy man-monster of loose green flesh and maundering animosity.

He must find himself by going through hell and facing the childhood devil of his abusive father – the man who forged the angry multiple-personality schisms within Bruce Banner and the many Hulks who reside within his soul.

The issues collected here also mark several returns: Betty Ross, Banner/Hulk's long-suffering love; Dr. Leonard Samson, the super-powered psychologist with the long, flowing green hair.

Other returning Hulk supporting characters are a dead Rick Jones, Banner/Hulk's long-time sidekick; and a dead Gen. Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross. 

And given these characters have become gamma-powered Hulk-like beings and the on-going theme of the "Immortal Hulk" that this Hulk can die and come back to life, the return of this supporting cast raises the question: If the Hulk can come back to life can they?

The third collection is fun but raises the bar of anticipation for the fourth "Immortal Hulk" trade paperback collection.

Smashing, indeed.

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