COMIC BOOKS: Captain America: The Legend of Steve

Captain America: The Legend of Steve

Captain America is one of the most versatile characters at Marvel Comics.

The red, white and blue Avenger lends himself to big, bold, brash superheroics, throwing his mighty shield. But the character has also had a rich, more subtle history when he abandons the star-spangled costume and shield to fight for justice as Steve Rogers.

He represents his country but he stands against its government when he thinks it is wrong.

Not just in the comics but in the movies, too. Captain America is the shield-swinging hero saving the world and universe in the "Avengers" movies but he is also effective in a political thriller such as "The Winter Soldier."

Readers can obviously see which Cap they are getting with the recent comic story arc: "Captain America: The Legend of Steve."

And they are still getting a Cap from a writer whose talents are as diverse as the Captain America/Steve Rogers combination: Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Yes, the same Coates who is the New York Times bestselling author of numerous books such as the novel "The Water Dancer" (an Oprah Winfrey pick) and award-winning essay collections, an acclaimed journalist and the writer who brought new life to the "Black Panther" comic books.

Coates has been penning "Captain America" for nearly two years now.

"The Legend of Steve" collects a recent story arc where Rogers is a fugitive after escaping prison. He's still mistrusted after an alternative version of himself rose to world domination as the head of Hydra. 

Here, Rogers looks for his soul and America must decide if Captain America is still a beacon of hope or a symbol of betrayal.

Coates' Cap is subtle but profound, with a storyline as complex and as conflicted as the nation Captain America represents.  

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