VALDOSTA -- The Valdosta City Council did not make a final decision on the joint appointment for the Valdosta-Lowndes Industrial Authority Thursday night.

The Industrial Authority had provided five names for the appointment -- Jerry Jennett, Jimmy Whatley, Steven Wilson, Gary Minchew and Robert Jefferson.

The Authority is only required to provide three names, City Manager Larry Hanson said.

The Lowndes County Board of Commissioners voted May 25 to appoint Jerry Jennett to the Industrial Authority. Commissioners Richard Lee, District 2, and G. Robert Carter, District 3, voted for Jennett, and Commissioner Joyce Evans nominated and voted for Tony Henderson.

Councilmen received the names and the Commissioners' nomination in their packets for the June 10 meeting. The Council decided 4-2, with Councilman Robert Yost, District 6, abstaining, to nominate Gary Minchew to the Authority.

Casey said he and Mayor John Fretti met after the Council meeting to discuss the appointment and decided on Jennett.

On June 15, the Industrial Authority welcomed Jennett to the Authority. The Authority has not voted on a chairman yet.

The Council then took a vote on the five names again. Again, the Council voted 4-2, with Councilmen John Eunice, at-large, and James Wright, District 1, against, to appoint Minchew to the Authority.

City Attorney George Talley suggested to the Council that they have a meeting with the county to discuss the appointment.

He also said the Council should send Minchew's name and suggest a third name to be considered.

Councilmen J.R. Sessions, District 4, said Yost, Fretti and City Manager Larry Hanson should meet with Casey, County Manager Joe Pritchard and a commissioner.

Hanson said he hoped a meeting date would be set for next week. The city manager also said such discussions about a joint appointment did not happen often.

"I recall one discussion like this in the time I have been with the city, but it was so long ago, I don't remember when," he said. "It doesn't happen often."

Hanson also said only four entities had joint appointments, the biggest being the Industrial Authority and the Valdosta Lowndes Conference Center and Tourism Authority. He also said a joint appointment is usually voted on every five years.

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