A three car accident blocked traffic on Gornto Road between Sherwood and Englewood Drives Wednesday morning.

A three car collision on Gornto Road resulted in the possible injury of at least one individual and brought traffic to a halt on the busy road for more than an hour.

At approximately 10:35 a.m. Wednesday, police and emergency services responded to the accident near the intersection of Gornto Rd. and Englewood Road.

According to officers on the scene, a white delivery van for Pleats and Creases Dry Cleaning was traveling south on Gornto Road when it collided with a white SUV traveling north. The front driver’s side wheel of the SUV was torn from the vehicle, but the vehicle kept its forward momentum on just three wheels until it came to a stop in a grassy area just before a line of trees.

Officers said the delivery van rolled multiple times until it came to a rest on its side. The vehicle's windshield was shattered and the rear doors had popped open, spilling some of its contents onto the street.    

It is unclear exactly how the the third vehicle, a silver sedan, was involved in the accident, but the front driver’s side was severely damaged.

The driver of the sedan was trapped in the vehicle after the wreck until she was freed by fire department personnel and transported to South Georgia Medical Center.

The victim was responsive and moving at the scene.

The drivers of the SUV and delivery van were walking and appeared uninjured at the scene as they answered questions from investigators.

The Valdosta Police Department is continuing to investigate the accident.

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