Camino Winds: John Grisham

Camino Winds

Every other novel, for the past few years, it seems, John Grisham writes a book that other authors would immediately make the focus of an ongoing series of books.

For example, the main character from "Rogue Lawyer" would have been a great recurring character for a Grisham series. Arguably, the young group featured in "The Rooster Club" could be worth revisiting.

But the characters in "Camino Island" seemed best suited for an ongoing series. 

A conman book shop owner/dealer of vintage books, missing F. Scott Fitzgerald manuscripts, a woman haunted by her grandmother's death sent to the island as a mole to see if the book dealer has the manuscripts, a misfit coterie of writers, etc.

"Camino Island" is arguably the most enjoyable Grisham thriller in the past five years. The plot was intriguing. The characters wonderful and fun.

So, Grisham wisely based a sequel on "Camino Island." Unfortunately, in "Camino Winds," he mostly ignores the supporting characters who made the first book so enjoyable.

In "Camino Winds," Bruce, the book shop owner/vintage book dealer/conman, is the hero of the story. A massive hurricane bears down on Camino Island. One of Bruce's writer friends dies during the hurricane; however, it looks like he was murdered rather than accidentally killed during the storm.

Bruce enters a mystery that involves a finished unpublished manuscript and a possible connection to revealing corporate corruption.

Grisham writes a satisfying book with "Camino Winds" but readers hoping it will match the joy for life of "Camino Island" will likely shut the book with twinges of disappointment.

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