If you care about the future of Georgia elections, speak up. 

It is your government.

Right now, a small group of Georgia lawmakers are making important decisions about the future of Georgia elections for the next decade as they redraw voting district lines across the state. 

The work they are doing will go a long way toward determining whether we have fair representation in Georgia elections. 

The Georgia redistricting panel is made up of five Democrats and nine Republicans in the Senate, and five Democrats and 13 Republicans in the House.

The small group of men and women will determine the future of Georgia elections.

But, they should not be doing it alone. 

This is your state. These are your elections. And you must have a say. 

We have a representative form of government and these elected senators and representatives were sent to Atlanta to represent your interests and not their own — and they most certainly were not sent to the Capitol to represent the interest of a political party. 

What they are doing matters and it should matter to you. 

We know that both parties — Democrats and Republicans — gerrymander voting districts when in the majority but that does not make it right. 

We also know gerrymandering is a slippery slope because what goes around comes around and neither party will always have control of the General Assembly. 

Voting districts should be accurately representative of the state’s population and demographics, regardless of party affiliations. 

The general public must be given the opportunity review the redistricting committee’s proposals before announcing a public hearing. People commenting on the state’s online public comments portal for reapportionment have expressed that many of them want more time to review redistricting plans and would like to see a detailed map of the state’s changing demographics alongside proposed voting district changes. Those requests are reasonable. 

You can submit comments to the redistricting committee online at www.legis.ga.gov/joint-office/reapportionment

We encourage everyone to let lawmakers know what you think. 

It’s your government. 

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