Jack Kirby, the man who co-created the Hulk, Thor, the Fantastic Four, Captain America and numerous other Marvel characters and DC characters, created the Eternals.

Moviegoers have been able to see the Marvel Cinematic Universe take on the characters at the movie theatres in recent weeks.

But the MCU isn't the first to give another take on the Eternals, a celestial group of super-powered beings who have been on Earth since the dawn of time. Marvel Comics has a current monthly "Eternals" title, and has produced several versions through the years.

Including the 2006 version by author Neil Gaiman and artist John Romita Jr. and others. 

Gaiman wiped clean the memories of the Eternals. They did not recall they were immortal. They did not recall their purpose. They did not recall their relationships with one another.

As with most Gaiman stories, he mines deep narrative and characterizations for his "Eternals" run. Romita takes static illustrations and charges with kinetic energy. Gaiman and Romita make a potent team.

The only complaint about this collection is that it is a limited series. Gaiman did not sign on as a long-term writer for the Eternals. So, after seven issues, this run is done. It doesn't give too much away, plus it's the miniseries is 15 years old now, to say that the Eternals get their memories back. How they repossess their identities and pasts is the storyline here.

And once that's resolved, the story is done. And Gaiman and Romita are finished.

Some readers may feel like the story drops without ever ending ... and they would be correct. It feels like there should be more and readers will want more.

But they will have to find more by either reaching further back for the original Kirby works and others or closer to now with a more recent or current run. 

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