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A historical photo of Southside featured in the 'Southside Project Documentary' trailer.

VALDOSTA – The "Southside Project Documentary" highlights a once vibrant center of commerce in the Black business community.

Angela Ward of “The Game Changers with Angela Ward” and Steve Heddon, creative director of Fusion Marketing, have partnered to co-produce what they call a “project of hope.”

“This documentary is not just about buildings but the people that once and still do inhabit those buildings,” Heddon said. “The stories about the decline of the Southside is attributed by many to a lack of community investment, lack of access to capital and economic development.”

This documentary highlights the history of the community and the struggles of its people, while promoting hope and change in the Southside community of Valdosta.

“This project is creating hope on the Southside,” Ward said. “We are trying to tell the story with the facts instead of finger pointing..”

Through the revitalization of historical buildings, such as Southside Recreation Center, the documentary follows the journey of resources that will fund the revitalization.

Ward and Heddon said Valerie Ford and Sandra Tooley share only two of the powerful stories included in the documentary.

The documentary project demonstrates the community’s determination and tenacity to rebuild the vibrancy of the neighborhood and business district on the Southside, they said.

The project wants to make people outside of the community aware of the problems and how community partners are working to create solutions, Ward and Heddon said.

Along with Southside Recreation Center, nonprofits such as Kings United Foundation, Beautiful Creations by Chanel, etc., are a part of the revitalization in the community.

“The project focuses on working towards solutions to the many problems that have plagued this community. It will not happen overnight or even over a year but we want to focus on the hope that is in this community,” Ward said.

The Southside Project Documentary trailer is available now:

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