Highland Christian Academy announces its third six weeks elementary and second nine weeks middle/high school honor roll.

Kindergarten A Honor Roll: Mimi Greaux, Sullivan Lieupo, Tres McKinney, Taylor Moore, Emily Myers, Frederick Poole, Hannah Wiggins

Kindergarten A/B Honor Roll: Jonah Akins, Knox Turner

1st Grade A Honor Roll: Aniston Bozeman, Deacon Fisher, Yahrai McKnight, Zyniah Sirmans, Jamar Thomas, Addalyn Williams, Jayden Williams 

1st Grade A/B Honor Roll: Deacon Fisher

2nd Grade A Honor Roll: Seth Barker, Zorn Crosby, Gabriel Fisher, Cali Hayes, Lili McLeod, Alice Myers 

2nd Grade A/B Honor Roll: Jaden Agom-Eze, Aidan Eason, Braxton Evans, Blaise Turner

3rd Grade A Honor Roll: Dane Clausen, Caleb Evans, Alice Wiggins 

3rd Grade A/B Honor Roll: Case Adkins, Hannah Nizio, Mariah Sirmans

4th Grade A Honor Roll: Charles Alexis, Noah Evans, Rhett Lilly.

4th Grade A/B Honor Roll: Carriann Brown, Israel Hopper.

5th Grade A Honor Roll: Eric Spencer 

5th Grade A/B Honor Roll: Cecily Lieupo, Jenna Plymel

6th Grade A Honor Roll: Reagan Clausen. A/B Honor Roll was earned by Madeline Pitts, AbiGail Shelton

6th Grade A/B Honor Roll: Elijah Barker, Kole Bullock, Maggie Griffis, Colby Higgins, Marie Philor, Jacob Williams

8th Grade A Honor Roll: Emily During, Djimon Blankeumsee 

8th Grade A/B Honor Roll: Madison Hall, Michael Williams, Karlee Youngblood

9th Grade A Honor Roll: Matthew Hall

10th Grade A Honor Roll: Emma Evans, Daniel Weaver 

10th Grade A/B Honor Roll: Eboni Alexander, Jordan Anderson, Ashley Hester, Emily Nazworth, Taylor Rogers, Keilah Vaughan

11th Grade A Honor Roll: Katelynn Barnes, Kaleigh Kostyu, Alden Lisse, Blake Yelm, Bryan White 

11th Grade A/B Honor Roll: Caleb Flounoy, Adrianna Lane, D.W. Lewis, Gabe Marcum, Autumn Patterson, Ralph Philor, Mallory Sutton.

12th Grade A Honor Roll: Isaac Musgrove, Londyn Robinson, Hannah Southers, Kayla Taylor.

12 Grade A/B Honor Roll: Kendrick Hayes, Alexis McEady.

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