LAKE PARK -- It's not often that someone truly finds their dream job, but Duane Roark seems to have done just that.

Roark has been named the national marketing director for Fisher's ATV World, a national cable show on the Outdoor Channel dedicated to ATV enthusiasts, promoting education, safety and pure enjoyment.

Although Brian Fisher, the show's host, is based in Dover, Penn., the program is filmed on location at venues across the country, allowing Roark to maintain his office in his residence in Lake Park.

In a former sales position, Roark called on Fisher and his wife, who assists with the show, to promote a product. "We just cliqued. They liked me, they liked my character and they liked my sales technique."

Roark said the Fishers, who also own an ATV dealership, told him they were developing a television program on ATV's and showed him a pilot tape. "They called me the next day and asked me to work for them, and it just went from there."

Roark's job is to promote the program, sell advertising, identify new products to showcase, and assist with coordinating location shooting. "We just got permission to film in an airplane on our way to a shoot in Utah," he said.

Fisher's ATV World has now been on the air for a year and averages 70,000-plus viewers each week. Currently, the Outdoor Channel which airs it is only available on the Dish Network but Roark said hopefully, it will be on regular cable soon.

One of the aspects of the show which interested Roark the most was the emphasis on the safe and proper use of the All Terrain Vehicles. On the show, riders always wear helmets and other safety gear and never use the vehicles in an unsafe setting or manner, including putting multiple riders on models built for one.

"We don't want anybody to get hurt," said Roark. "We are promoting the industry in a positive manner."

He said people have a tendency to forget how much good has come of the invention of ATV's with so much emphasis in recent years on the accidents caused by those using them improperly.

When used correctly, ATV's are helpful in a number of occupations, ranging from farmers using them to get to areas in their field inaccessible by larger vehicles to lifeguards patrolling beach areas.

Roark says the ATV industry is growing so rapidly, with sales increasing by tens of thousands each year, that the possibilities for the program are endless, including tapping into some of the foreign markets that produce many of the vehicles, such as Canada and Japan.

An enthusiastic salesman and avid ATV rider, Roark says, "I've never had a job I enjoyed more."

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