LAKE PARK -- Two friends, an idea and a Web site have turned Lake Park residents Valerie Hill and Charney Young into Internet entrepreneurs.

Hill and Young are co-owners of the online accessory company Silver Styles,, a business that offers everything from hats to purses to silver jewelry at wholesale prices.

Both women, who attended the same church, were throwing around ideas a year ago when the accessory business came to them.

"We were munching on ideas and it came to us," Young said. "We wanted to do something that would allow us to stay home, yet still be in contact with adults."

Hill's husband, who is in wholesale, helped the two get started. At first, the two traveled to different craft fairs and shows in south Georgia and north Florida, selling their items in a box. But as the business grew, and people became more interested in the accessories, the two saw a need for a Web site.

"Everywhere we went people were asking if we had a store," Hill said. "So we came up with the Web site. It's great because we don't have to run out and get a babysitter for our children, all under the age of four, and we are able to offer a lot to our customers."

Hill and Young, with the help of someone who knew Web sites, learned how to own and operate their own Web site. The company has more than 500 items for sale, all at wholesale prices.

"Because we don't have a store and the Web site is already paid for, we can offer very low prices," Hill said.

The Web site accepts credit cards and any item can be shipped the day it is ordered.

"We ship everything Priority," Young said. "And we always keep the site up to date, so you never have to worry if you are ordering something that is unavailable."

Hill said although their purses and University of Georgia Bulldogs merchandise is popular, their bestseller is the sterling silver jewelry.

The two have come a long way from the box on the table at craft shows.

"We've come a long way," Young said. "We joke about our one box that has turned into many boxes and racks. It's a great business, a lot of fun, and we offer the best for our clients."

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