VALDOSTA -- Buying a home is an extensive process. Many factors determine the outcome, and surprises are not usually welcome. Valdosta's newest home inspector, David Smith, provides his services to buyers and sellers in order to alleviate potential surprises in the home buying process.

An inspector with 12 certifications, Smith, owner of Home and Stucco Inspections of Valdosta (HSI of Valdosta), is qualified to determine problems with every aspect of a home, investment property or multi-family unit. He spent 15 years in the building industry giving him an inside point-of-view and expanded expertise.

"I've been a plumber, carpenter, painter, roofer, builder, general contractor and a full-time investor. I not only know when something is wrong -- chances are, I've made the repair at some point in my career," Smith said.

He offers comprehensive inspections of all major systems and components of a home with complete computerized reports, including digital photos, and he takes the time to explain existing problems in terms a client can understand. Issues are prioritized helping a client determine which issues are critical or must be taken care of immediately.

Smith is one of few qualified stucco inspectors in the area. The Moisture Warranty Corporation has certified him to conduct stucco inspections.

"Having stucco inspected is extremely important. Statistics show that 94 percent of synthetic stucco and 80 percent of hard coat stucco homes have one or more areas where moisture intrusion is occurring. This can cause minor to extensive damage, including rotting of a home's frame," he explain. "The problem is that without knowledge and experience, you can usually not tell anything is wrong."

Smith has been trained to spot problems in stucco exteriors as well as every other part of the home. He also promises friendly, honest customer service. With appropriate credentials, extensive experience and a promise for quality, HSI of Valdosta and owner David Smith will surely help many Valdostans make informed home buying/selling decisions with few surprises.

Q: What is Home and Stucco Inspections of Valdosta?

A: A home inspection business that specializes in stucco.

Q: Why did you want to start this business?

A: I actually owned a similar business in the Athens/Atlanta area for several years.

Q: What is the starting price?

A: Fees start at $200 for condos, $250 for houses and $450 stucco inspections.

Q: How soon are reports available?

A: I don't like doing on-site reports. I consider a client's home purchase to be too important to rush through the inspection and submit a hard-to-read handwritten report or a generic checklist, just to get to the next inspection. I can always get the report to a client within the next day.

Q: What are your goals?

A: My goal is to build many new friendships here among clients, agents and business professionals as well as to provide a needed and valued service through my business.

Q: Why did you move to Valdosta?

A: I became very fond of Valdosta while stationed at Moody AFB in the late 1980's. After 15 years of the hustle and bustle of the Athens/Atlanta markets, my wife, a Valdosta native, and I decided to get out of that rat race. It was hard leaving hundreds, if not thousands, of friends and business associates, but I look forward to building new relationships.

Q: What do the people of this area need to know?

A: I hope to build confidence with local agents and home builders in Valdosta to the same level had in Athens/Atlanta. I would love for them to give me a chance to earn their trust.

Home and Stucco Inspections of Valdosta

Owner: David Smith

Phone: (229) 269-0946

Hours: 7 a.m. until 7 p.m. Sunday through Saturday; available light requires inspections to be completed during the day

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