Today is Mother’s Day, the special time each year when those very special women are honored.

You can show your appreciation by sending flowers, gifts, taking them to dinner, doing chores, or simply by telling them how much you appreciate all they’ve done for you.

Sometimes it’s the simplest gestures that mean the most. What mother doesn’t have a drawer full of crayon drawings and scrawled notes somewhere in her home?

Take the time today to thank all Mothers for what they do to raise honest, hardworking, loving, and wonderful children, and particularly, thank your own Mother for raising you to be the person that you are today.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Business Roundup

Unfortunately, the biggest scoop of the week is bad news — the Harveys on Inner Perimeter is closing. According to store personnel, Saturday is their last day in business.

You’d think with that area really beginning to boom, and the new Wooden Nickel which will be going in soon right next door, that the store would have many reasons to stay open. Wonder what will take its place?

And there is finally some movement on the mall. Two of the newest retailers are opening in the next week, Old Navy and PetsMart, and I’ve been promised that there should be more announcements coming soon.

Wait, haven’t we heard that somewhere before?

Hopefully there will also be news soon on the city’s new auditorium, and I am also looking for some announcements about downtown retailers soon as well.

Thanks to wonderful readers who called and sent emails this week, the center I mentioned in last week’s column that is now offering free classes is the Aquinas Center, and it’s owned by Christ the King Episcopal Church nearby, which also owns Hildegards downtown. The classes are being offered as a public service, and the center is just a couple of doors down from the restaurant.

Southeastern Federal Credit Union is getting ready to break ground on its new branch near Griner automotive off Bemiss Road, and they should also be ready soon to begin construction on their new main branch off Country Club Road and North Valdosta Road.

Construction is still going well on the Walgreens on Gornto, the Kohls on St. Augustine is moving along quickly, there should be a groundbreaking soon on the new Hilton, and all the other new hotels are coming along, too.

Rumor has a new Taco Bell going in near the Wendys and McDonalds on Bemiss. Anyone know if there is any truth to it?

And I understand that Valdosta’s former Main Street director, James Horton, just opened a new restaurant in Quitman called the Wiregrass restaurant and bar. It’s a block off Main Street downtown, and they are serving both lunch and dinner Tuesday through Saturday.

That’s it for this week, but there’s always more to come.

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