Triple Cross

For some readers, a visit with author James Patterson and his character, Alex Cross, is as much a part of the holidays as visiting with relatives.

In the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving each year, Patterson releases a new Alex Cross thriller.

Of course, readers can pick up a new book from the prolific Patterson and one of his many writing partners almost any time of the year but his Alex Cross novels are released as consistently this time of year as Thanksgiving turkey.

Along with visiting the warm home life of the detective/therapist/consultant where he finds refuge from serial killers, terrorists, masterminds and thugs with his wife (who is also an investigator), children and 90-something-year-old grandmother.

In “Triple Cross,” a serial killer is killing young families during home invasions that leave no evidence behind.

Despite the dramatic television commercials hyping the book, Alex Cross’ family is never in danger of being targeted by the Family Man killings but Cross is on the case.

So is Thomas Tull, a bestselling author of true-crime books. A man who has insinuated himself into several crime investigations. A man who now wants to work with the famed Alex Cross.

Meanwhile, Bree, Cross’ wife, continues her work as a private investigator for an investigative firm. She left the Washington, D.C., police force in a previous Cross book. She is investigating a fashion designer’s possible connection to a sex and human-trafficking ring. In some places, Bree’s investigation is more intriguing than Alex’s case.

Unfortunately, – spoiler alert – Patterson ties their cases peripherally together. He did this in the last book, too. Once is fine but it seems too far-fetched to happen two books in a row.

That said, long-time readers will get some insight into a long-running nemesis of Cross after years of novels. Though that doesn’t mean the on-going storyline will be resolved in the next novel. Patterson plays the long game with some of his Alex Cross plot twists.

But, likely, come next November, just before Thanksgiving, we’ll know whether it’s a focal point of the next Alex Cross book or just the latest thread in an ongoing plot point.

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