Valdosta Daily Times

February 27, 2013

Moody conducts readiness exercise

From Moody Air Force Base

MOODY AIR FORCE BASE — MOODY AIR FORCE BASE, Ga. -- Moody Air Force Base is conducting a Phase II Operational Readiness Exercise with extended operations beginning on Wednesday, Feb. 27 through Friday, March 1. During the exercise, the public address system, known as the giant voice, will be used to broadcast communication messages. Sirens and a number of ground burst explosion simulators will be used during the exercise to help assess the base’s response to changing threat conditions and scenarios.  

As a result, base personnel, military family housing and local residents may experience minor inconveniences during periods when the public address system, sirens and simulators are in use, to include increased noise.  Traffic to and from base entry points may be irregular during this time.     

The purpose for conducting this exercise is to evaluate the wing’s ability to meet wartime and contingency tasks of employing forces, sustaining forces and maintaining the ability to survive and operate in a deployed location.  The setting for a Phase II ORE is in a replicated deployed environment. For the purpose of the 23d Wing’s Phase II ORE, Moody will be the simulated deployed environment.    

Individuals are reminded that during the ORE, operations will be conducted entirely within the confines of Moody and Moody’s training areas and should not be viewed as a real-world threat, but rather as a readiness exercise.     

Individuals who experience a real-world emergency or incident during the exercise should continue to report to the appropriate on- or off-base agencies.     

Should you have any questions pertaining to this exercise, please feel free to contact Moody AFB Public Affairs Office at (229) 257-2400. Also, visit Moody’s official website for more information on Moody and to view current news releases. Information is updated daily on our Facebook page, simply search Moody Air Force Base Official.