Valdosta Daily Times

January 28, 2013

Norfolk Southern Makes Grade Crossing Repairs, Beginning Jan. 30

From the City of Valdosta

VALDOSTA — Norfolk Southern will make repairs to all crossings along their route in the city limits, beginning this Wednesday, Jan. 30.  “Grade Crossings”, where the railroad track “crosses over” the roadway, will be temporarily closed to traffic in both directions for approximately two hours during the repairs.  Detour signage will be posted to both alert and redirect motorists during the repairs.

Streets affected by the repairs include: Blanchard Street, Clay Road, Fry Street, Forrest Street, Troup Street, Lee Street, Ashley Street, Patterson Street, Toombs Street, Oak Street, Savannah Avenue, Floyd Street, River Street, Hightower Street and Lankford Drive.  The 2-hour repair process includes removing and replacing the cross ties, leveling the tracks and temporarily repaving the road.

Initially following the repairs, the repaired grade crossings will be temporarily rough to travel over until Norfolk Southern returns with their asphalt crews within approximately two weeks to permanently repave the crossings. Motorists are strongly urged to travel slowly over these temporary crossings for their own safety and to eliminate any damage to their vehicles.

The City of Valdosta will post the scheduled repairs at on the Engineering Department’s Project News and Updates page as this information becomes available.  For more information, call (229) 259-3530.